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Cultural Nuances Of The U.S. & Italy

Navigating Different Cultures

Ability to navigate different cultures

Culture is an integral part of humanity, and the ability of navigating different cultures is considered an important element of professional competence. In my case, that approach to life relies on navigating three specific cultures: Italian (my native culture), American (my happy place and a preferred place to travel), and Indian (dominant culture in the company I work for).

The company I am currently working for has a plenty of people with different cultures and backgrounds. This is generally a great thing to me. Different cultures and ways of life can all benefit relationships and businesses in different ways, and ecoworkers can equally benefit from working with people of different backgrounds hugely. 

I am continually learning how to adapt to each environment. My homeland culture plays a fundamental role in my life because it shaped my view of the world and my general perspective towards life.

Learning various aspects

Different national cultures may view the same thing in very different ways thus communication can engender or distance you from potential friends, clients or partners. I value the norms and beliefs of Italian, American, and Indian cultures and enjoy learning the various aspects of American and Indian cultures more with each passing day. While Indian is the culture I deal with in my profession, I find that American culture makes me happy.

Learning about other cultures helps me improve my cultural diversity in life helping me learn about and accept the way others live while embracing inclusivity, the amazing diversity and individuality of their culture. 

Enjoying interactions

Culture is a fundamental tool of socialization, communication, and connection with others. ‘Culture’ is a complex concept. We often use that term to refer to things like clothing, food, music, holidays, music, and religion, but it also goes much deeper than that. Beliefs, behaviors, customs, and values are also part of our culture. So when we meet people from different backgrounds, we can sometimes find that there are big differences in how we see the world.

I am glad to have the chance of navigating different cultures and enjoy my interactions with others from the Italian, American, and Indian cultures that I associate with. 

– Severino Ricci

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