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Exploring Symbolic Languages and Emotional Gestures

Gestures and the Emotional Intensity: An Interview with Artist Raul

Welcome, Raul! The powerful gestures and the emotional intensity of your art is phenomenal. We would like to know more about your artistic process and how it uses gesture as a key element.

First, let me thank you for this wonderful opportunity to share my artistic journey. Gesture reflects my artistic expression and helps me convey emotions with proximity and passion. While painting, I am primarily reliant on my instincts. As a result, my free brushstrokes flow allows me to capture the essence of the moment. The main purpose is to reflect my raw emotions on the canvas through my gestures’ speed and energy.

Going through your work allows one to comprehend that travelling has inspired your work significantly. Can you tell us in what ways have different experiences and cultures impacted your artistic vision?

You are right! In my opinion, Art is a universal language. The experience of submerging into numerous cultures facilitated me in gaining a deeper understanding of the human psyche. Interacting and communicating with people belonging to dissimilar environments and cultures enables me to observe different emotions and comprehend different perspectives, ultimately reflected through my art. It would not be incorrect to state that streets I walk and faces I see become important elements of my creations, reflecting those experiences and the essence and energy of the travels.

On your website, it is stated that your art is viscerally connected with music. Please highlight how your creative process is influenced by music.

My entire being is influenced by music as it evokes my emotions and helps me enjoy the moment distinctively. Painting while listening to music offers a spiritual milieu to my creative space, thereby intensifying my gestures with passion. I am truly inspired by the lyrics, melodies, and rhythms which help me in aligning my brushstrokes with every note. I would say that I can translate my auditory experiences on the canvas and create a visual treat.

You use an assortment of materials for your creation, sometimes even using plastic. Can you elaborate how the surface you work on impacts your artistic expression?

I believe that there are no boundaries when it comes to Art. Oddly, unexpected places inspire me to express my creativity. I see every surface as an opportunity, a unique challenge. I express my boldness on walls. Paper, on the other hand, allows me to demonstrate the intricacy and delicacy of my creative expression. In short, I use my gestures and techniques according to different surfaces and materials.

How do you ensure expressing your personal emotions and allowing people to connect with your creations simultaneously?

As I said about art and music, there is no doubt that emotions are also universal. I always try my best to create something that may act as a bridge for my personal experiences and the emotional landscapes of my viewers. Even though my emotions are clearly reflected in my paintings, there is always an element of response considering that people tend to emotionally connect with my work. It allows them to look inside, explore their own feelings, and interpret accordingly. I believe my art is not only a reflection of my emotions or my personal journey, but it also resonates with my viewers’ stories in a unique manner.

Thank you so much for sharing your artistic journey with us.

My pleasure! Thank you for having me!



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