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metal scupture in anza borrego state park
metal scupture in anza borrego state park

Exploring the Metal Sculptures of Anza Borrego at Galleta Meadows 

Only in California can a state park be overrun with massive metal sculptures in a bleak desert landscape. A trip to the California high desert would be incomplete without visiting the large free public art installation in Borrego Springs. The Galleta Meadows Sculptures in Anza-Borrego are some of my favorite things to take new adventurers to in the state. There are over 130 and as you are driving around, they just seem to pop up out of nowhere, it is so awesome. 

Each sculpture was designed and created by self-taught metal artist, Ricardo Breceda . The volume and variety of the sculptures at Galleta Meadows add to the awe. 

How to get there: If you are driving from LA or San Diego, you will want to proceed down S22 into the valley that houses Anza Borrego. From here, the sculptures are all over the next 10 square miles. Since the surrounding landscape is so arid and desolate, it is easy to see them while you are driving. Some are right off the road while others are off in the distance, but most have at least some sort of dirt road to get to them (be careful driving these as they have sandy parts). 

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