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Leader’s development

Success is contagious

Why is leader’s development important? Every business has a desire to succeed in the competitive business market and achieve the desired set targets. Success is contagious, and individuals can go beyond all odds to achieve success. The strategies that one applies to achieve success as either an individual or business will determine the consistency of success. Business leaders need to treat all aspects of a company as a tool to success.

leader's development

What does “developing leaders” take? To me, the areas that are typically addressed in developing leaders are inspiration, commitment, empowerment, expertise development, respect, trust, variety of experience, capability and willingness to learn, communication, continuous change, engaging people, challenging assignment, and shared values.

However, the basic expectations that are required for leader development are integrity, ethics, respect, honesty, expertise at individual level, and giving importance to team over self. In my opinion, to ensure effective development of leaders, it is necessary to understand own self and own capabilities. This comprises of understanding values, preferences, and personality. Development of leaders also involves working effectively with other and also influencing them in order to achieve common goals, which in turn helps in creation of positive relationships in professional life. However, development of competencies in these categories paves the way to ensure increase in ability of serving.

leader's development
leader’s development

Skills, ideas, and abilities

Development of leadership also requires application of performance competencies to everyday duties that help leaders to perform their duties in an effective manner. To my mind, development of leaders requires demonstration of belief in one’s own skills, ideas, and abilities. It needs self-motivation, result oriented person, performance accountability, recognition of personal weaknesses and strengths, focusing on development of personal character, using personal position as well as power in most appropriate manner. Further, functional and technical proficiency is also needed in development of leaders. I believe that also communication plays significant role in a way that proper communication helps in demonstrating integrity; it helps in encouraging healthy and constructive discussion, and creation of a shared vision.

leader's development

In most cases, I guess, the term manager and leader are confused and at times taken to mean the same. Although there is a clear difference between the two terms in practical terms, it is clear that the people in charge of organizational interest pose both the skills of a manager and a leader.


by Severino Ricci


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