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Oceanside: a home away from home

Oceanside, California is a destination for professional couch potatoes and career adventurers alike. Though it may appear a one-stop-shop for young beach lovers and extroverts, as tourist ambassador for the area I assure there is something here for everyone. From fancy and friendly restaurants to spas, to surfing and whale watching, do not expect your visit to be anything but enjoyable.

Child and Bike Friendly

The city boasts clean streets, adequate public seating and restrooms, as well as parks and other areas that are child and bike friendly. O’side roads are not congested like much of California, and the air is clean. The area, by way of the Oceanside Tourism Council, or OTC, delivers different events for singles, families, couples, and travel groups.

Suiting any taste

Worth-visiting locations are abundant in Oceanside. For history buffs, hotels and restaurants have been maintained by the historical society. Many predate the depression and are functional. Visitors can get a taste of both the new Oceanside, and the old. Both new and renovated restaurants ensure every foodie will find familiar comforts, as well as new and savory adventures.

Infinite number of events and contests

Events are often annual in nature, allowing travelers to plan for their favorite activities. For example, Oceanside holds and hosts several surf contests each year for including Supergirl Pro, the largest all-female surfing competition in the world. Wine tastings and pub crawls are also held for festive events and holidays, further enriching any decision to visit the area. For the more reserved individuals, or those seeking to simply unwind and disconnect, Oceanside offers several spas prepared to pamper, anoint, moisturize, and massage every last drop of stress and tension from your body.

Pleasant Mediterranean climate all year round

Before you think there’s only one time of year you want to visit Oceanside, be aware of a little something called Winter Blues. To shake of the supposedly cold and gloomy season, Oceanside offers a winter stroll along the beach followed by surf lessons, and a whale watching session in hopes of capturing a glimpse of gray whales during their migration.

Hidden gems

Local favorites and Oceanside’s hidden gems are perhaps the most obvious reason to visit the city. There is, to begin, the Carla & Linda’s Walking Food Tours; tour guides you to four specially chosen restaurants in coastal Oceanside. It takes approx. 45 minutes. The downtown area has shopping, food, fitness, and live entertainment of various kinds to keep things lively! Fishing throughout the whole of Oceanside Pier is an unprecedented wonder that has kept locals local, and visitors coming back for decades. Many boats are available for charter not just for fishing, but also for private whale watching adventures as boasted above.

My Happy Place

I am a tourist ambassador for Oceanside, but I feel like a local. I love this city. For as long as I can remember this area has felt like home to me, and I want to share that home with the world. Oceanside sense of community extends beyond community boundaries, accepting and enveloping all who wish to visit. I am proud to say I am a part of a community who seeks to integrate in hopes of a fulfilling and sustaining area, and I hope others will seek it out and experience what I have experienced. Oceanside offers all the comforts of home with several sides of adventure, entertainment, excitement, and relaxation. It is a place one can go to unwind, or to get their adrenaline pumping. It is truly a destination for anyone and everyone. Oceanside is my happy place.

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by Severino Ricci


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