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Everybody’d be surfin’! Get Inspired

Everybody’d be surfin’! Get Inspired by the California Surf Museum

Everybody’d be surfin’! Popularity of surfing is growing in the world with its art, style of clothing, and demeanor. California Surf Museum is a confirmation. Thus, the place of interest is the Museum, located in Oceanside, CA – to inspire, engage, and educate visitors. CSM will not leave any surfer, surf lover or visitor, indifferent. If this is your lifestyle, occupation, or even a hobby you will find inspiration here, or a chance to connect to the greatness of those who managed to harness the power of the ocean and fearlessly climb atop that wave.

Permanent and Revolving Exhibits

With a permanent collection that chronicles the history of surfboards and wave-riding, the museum offers many revolving exhibits each year. In its current museum-quality space, it has acquired a rare set of archives and collections gathered over more than 30 years, comprising one of the world’s richest troves of surfing history. Additionally, the California Surf Museum has the permanent exhibit featuring the infamous Bethany Hamilton shark bitten surfboard as depicted in the movie, Soul Surfer.

Passionate Volunteers and Businesses

Surf museum has grown into a major attraction for Oceanside, San Diego County and Southern California. Its history is defined by the multitudes of passionate volunteers who have given thousands of hours of time since before its founding in 1986 to make CSM what it is today. Many businesses have also supported CSM through its growth and transformation. Moreover, the City of Oceanside has welcomed CSM by providing affordable space since 1996. Click here to watch an exhaustive and informative CSM Youtube video.

California Surf Museum’s Mission Statement

CSM serves as an international repository and resource center on the lifestyle sport of surfing by capturing, preserving, and chronicling its art, culture and heritage for the education and enjoyment of current and future generations.

Let’s preserve our surfing heritage!

Message from Severino, Member of Board of Directors

“I am so honored to serve on the California Surf Museum Board of Directors. Surfing has always been a sport that fascinated me and the CSM is surely its temple. This is an exciting, evolving journey that makes my bond with California even stronger. The CSM is located in the city I am promoting as the Tourism Ambassador, my happy place Oceanside, so what more could I ask for?!” (ref. We The Italians)
Severino Ricci, member of the Board of Director

Everybody’d be surfin’! So come visit, get inspired and learn more about the California Surf Museum and the city of Oceanside, at:

Severino Ricci
Oceanside Tourism Ambassador
Board of Directors, California Surf Museum

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