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Max on the beach during traning
Max on the beach during traning

How sport has changed my life. Massimiliano Pierucci’s story.

Fitness is important to the overall health and well-being of every person. Engaging in physical activity is recommended daily as it soothes the body and ensures it functions at its optimum.

Sport benefits

As we get older, people tend towards inactivity due to lifestyle choices and life commitments such as work, parenthood etc. Also, the physical changes associated with aging influence people to resign themselves calmer and less active lives. However albeit the aging process is cast in stone one can pursue an active and healthy lifestyle which helps boost physical and mental sharpness as well as reducing the effects of aging.

People who live active lives have shown to have reduced risk of illness, better cognitive abilities and are generally happier (van Oostrom et al., 2012). This was the realization that dawned on Massimiliano Pierucci after many years of living a normal quiet life. He embraced sports and became a fitness junkie who would go on to achieve sports academic certificates that have allowed him to live his dream as a fitness expert.   

Sedentary life

Max was employed for a couple of years at a furniture and curtains company where he was responsible for general services. He loved his job and was passionate at ensuring quality standards are met in the provision of services at the firm. Positive customer feedback always motivated him to endeavor to achieve the best. He was happy for a time but he started feeling overburdened by the same routine.

Everyday engagements started to have a lethargic effect on him and he began to feel a loss in the spark that made him tick. Work was doing great but things just felt too ordinary. He yearned for a change but he did not yet quite understand what kind. One summer evening during one of his Friday hangout sessions with the guys, a pal suggested they have a sporting event every weekend where people would engage in a sport of any choice. This was made as a passing comment but little did he know this would be the genesis of his transformation.

Turning point

Months later this suggestion had been forgotten in between the numerous conversations shared between them. Out of nowhere though, as one of them shared the sad story of his favorite boss, they came back to the topic of physical fitness. This boss had suffered a mild stroke as a result of atherosclerosis which is a condition that is associated with sedentary lifestyles amongst other things. It is at this point that they collectively decided to chart a serious path towards fitness.

They settled on soccer as it is a sport that is relatively easy for one to understand and participate in. The following week they had gathered all they needed and even picked out a spot for the debut match. They felt a little strange on their first outing but they got a hang of things pretty fast and enjoyed themselves running up and down the pitch. Afterwards, they all admitted the experience was a breath of fresh air from their usual meetups at the steak house. This would be the initial step in a journey that has seen Max’s life transform.

Sport prevails and Max changes job

The gaming weekends became a thing and Max was impressed at how much his friends were committed to its success. Everyone always seemed eager for the weekend to come around for their weekly outdoors experience. They probably felt invigorated after their matches as much as he did. Max noticed a gradual improvement with his output at work and mental sharpness.

He decided to incorporate more exercises into his weekly routine like cycling, swimming and going to the gym. He loved the workouts, his heart racing, and blood coursing through his veins. This love developed into a passion that saw him take up part-time courses in sports and fitness. The more he gave himself to sports the more it grew on him. He soon graduated with professional diplomas and certifications in sports.

Switching career

It is at this point that he decided to switch career and become a fitness trainer. He had a short stint as a fitness teacher for one year. Thereafter he became a sports manager at a local fitness club. For four years he worked with individuals assisting them to live healthy lives by designing work out programs to help them get in shape. It is during this time that he created Bat Max Training which is a home and outdoor training program that aims optimizing workouts based on a client needs. He was promoted to the club manager and is now charged with the entire operations of the fitness club.

Active individuals

Engaging in sports and adopting an active lifestyle is key for healthier outcomes. Exercising has been found to reduce the risk of developing lifestyle diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, cancer, cardiac disorders and depression (Vina, Sanchis-Gomar, Martinez-Bello & Gomez-Cabrera, 2012). Active individuals are generally healthier and have better mental acuity. Therefore people must be sensitized and encouraged to remain active.

by Severino Ricci

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