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What It’s Really Like to be a Food Influencer

Meet Kareem Pinkston, the Oceanside food influencer  

Food Influencer Kareem Pinkston

Searching “Places to eat in” is so common and this search is always followed up with questions in your head like ‘Is the food nice?’, ‘What’s the atmosphere like?’, ‘Do they really do what they say they do?’ and so much more. The use of influencers has boomed, and they’ve become the go-to platform to learn all about experiences in local areas. We’ve seen the growth of EatingOceanside, an Instagram account run by the food influencer Kareem Pinkston who highlights the best places in Oceanside

Here a few questions you’ve always wanted to ask food Instagram Influencers—Answered 

I2C: What do you do when you’re not working as a food influencer?  

Kareem: My full-time job is working as an educator for students with disabilities and special needs teaching them life skills.

I2C: What inspired you to start your Foodie Instagram page EatingOceanside?   

Kareem: During the 2020 crisis, I wanted to help small businesses stay open and weather the pandemic without closing down.

I2C: How did you start as an influencer?   

Kareem: I created an Instagram profile and began uploading all the food photos I had taken over the course of my time dining in Oceanside. Then I started trying to connect as many people as possible with food eateries that were online.

I2C: In your opinion, what’s the best way to build a sustainable influence?  

Kareem: Firstly, be genuine. Next, have a true passion for helping others. To be an “influencer” is to ask, WHAT are you “influencing” others to? I have a genuine desire to help small businesses and to help people find the best dining experience they can have in Oceanside.

I2C: What would you say has been the highlight since launching EatingOceanside?  

Kareem: Just being able to connect with the community and have people DM me and telling me of their experiences or hearing of businesses successes thanks to my efforts.

I2C: What’s next for your brand?   

Kareem: Well, I want to branch into merchandising and branding in order to gain passive income so that I can dedicate 100% to this passion.

I2C: Where are your favorite breakfast destinations in the city?  

Kareem: Wow! There are so many! I will have to admit to loving the stuffed hashbrowns from Don’s Country Kitchen as well as the cinnamon bacon pancakes from Stratford at the Harbor the most.

I2C: Where is best to go for brunch in the city?  

Kareem: Yikes! That’s a tuffy! I just love the energy and grub from the Harbor House Cafe and the Start Fresh Cafe, also a favorite of mine is the 101 Cafe as well, for those vintage vibes.

I2C: And your top three dinner destinations?  

Kareem: Wowzers! For dinner, I absolutely love Felix’s BBQ with soul that southern soul food. But I also love a tasty vegan / gluten-free pizza from Gianni’s Pizza. The ramen at Wulan Ramen Tap House is amazing too!

I2C: Thanks, Kareem, for the recommendations. The way you support the Oceanside restaurant industry by encouraging your followers to try different food and spots is amazing.

Would you like to know more?

Visit Eating Oceanside website

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