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“The Gentlemen” – Netflix FYSEE Event

The Gentlemen TV Series

May 2024. I had the extraordinary pleasure of attending the Netflix FYSEE event for the screening of the first episode of “The Gentlemen” at the iconic Sunset Las Palmas Studios in Los Angeles. This much-anticipated series promises to be a knockout, and the evening’s events only heightened my excitement and admiration for the creative minds behind it.

The Gentlemen
The Gentlemen

Screening and Panel Discussion

The evening kicked off with the screening of the premiere episode. From the very first scene, it was clear that “The Gentlemen” is a masterful blend of sharp wit, intricate storytelling, and stellar performances. The audience was captivated by the dynamic narrative and the seamless interplay between the characters, setting the stage for what promises to be an exhilarating series.

Following the screening, we were treated to an insightful panel discussion featuring the talented cast and creative team behind the series.

The panel included:

Theo James: His performance in the series is nothing short of phenomenal, and he has quickly become one of my favorite actors. His charisma and depth bring a unique energy to his character.

Daniel Ings: Known for his impeccable comedic timing, Ings did not disappoint. His portrayal, especially the hilarious chicken scene, had everyone in stitches.

Vinnie Jones: Bringing his usual robust presence, Jones adds a layer of gritty authenticity to the show.

Giancarlo Esposito: A master of his craft, Esposito’s nuanced performance adds significant weight to the series.

Max Beesley: Beesley’s versatility shines through in his compelling portrayal.

Matthew Read (Executive Producer and Writer): His vision and storytelling prowess are the backbone of this exceptional series.

Loulou Bontemps (Costume Designer): Bontemps’ attention to detail and creative flair bring each character vividly to life.

Dan Hubbard (Casting Director): Hubbard’s keen eye for talent is evident in the superbly chosen cast.

Iain Cooke (Music Supervisor): Cooke’s musical selections enhance the series’ mood and tone, elevating the overall experience.

Martyn John (Production Designer): John’s set designs create an immersive world that perfectly complements the series’ narrative.

The discussion provided fascinating insights into the creation of the series, the collaborative process, and the individual contributions that make “The Gentlemen” a standout show. It was inspiring to hear the passion and dedication each member brought to the project.

An Unforgettable Party

The evening concluded with a fantastic party, where I had the incredible opportunity to meet and interact with some of the cast members. Theo James, Daniel Ings, and Giancarlo Esposito were particularly delightful. Their talent is undeniable, but what struck me most was how friendly and easy-going they were. Theo James, in particular, stood out as a genuine and approachable individual, further cementing his status as one of my favorites.

The atmosphere at Sunset Las Palmas Studios was electric, filled with excitement and anticipation for the series’ future. The venue, located at 1041 Seward St, Los Angeles, provided the perfect backdrop for such a prestigious event, adding to the overall magic of the evening.

Perfect evening

Attending the Netflix FYSEE event for “The Gentlemen” was an unforgettable experience. The combination of a captivating premiere, an enlightening panel discussion, and a vibrant party made for a perfect evening. It was a privilege to witness firsthand the brilliance of the cast and creative team and to celebrate the launch of what is sure to be a hit series. I’m eagerly looking forward to following “The Gentlemen” as it unfolds and continues to dazzle audiences.

Here’s to many more evenings filled with exceptional storytelling and the wonderful people who bring it to life. Thank you, Netflix FYSEE, for an incredible event and thank James Tumminia (Hollywood producer and actor) for the invite!

by Severino Ricci

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