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Simone Corallini, winner of Sony World Photography Awards 2022

We proudly share this “Sony World Photography Awards 2022 – Open Competition – Portraiture” winning photo, taken by Simone Corallini, an Italian pro photographer, also one of the judges of our ‘Best Travel Ever’ photo contest. We asked Simone to comment on his photo, currently exhibited at MOPA (The Museum of Photographic Arts), San Diego, California.


Winning Photo taken by Simone Corallini

The winning photo taken by Simone Corallini

“The portrait shows a young surfer Simone Gentile after going out to the ocean. The photographer, Simone Corallini recollects how this picture was made and what pushed him to make it in the first place:

I remember how we were in Somo, Spain, on a surf trip with the guys and girls of the Ostia Surf School. I received so much from surfing in the last two years, both physically and emotionally. Great days, new friendships, unforgettable moments, but most importantly contact with nature and finding myself.

We stopped surfing for a while and were just chilling, exchanging lazy remarks about trivial things. I had my girlfriend and my Sony next to me, I was happy and completely comfortable and relaxed at that moment. Simone, a wonderful guy with bright eyes, who would never stop surfing, was coming back from the ocean when it was already getting dark outside. I turned around and saw him. He looked just like a warrior after a fight with the ocean, satisfied and amused. His posture, expression, and vibe coming from every movement mesmerized me.

I grabbed my Sony, and I took that shot to freeze the moment and the atmosphere for others to enjoy as well.”

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