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Experiencing the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures in Los Angeles

Creative architecture by Renzo Piano

Experiencing the Academy Museum of Motion Picture

With awards season fast approaching (Oscar Night, March 12, 2023), we of italy2california, looked forward to our visit to the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures (AMMP). We love movies and we knew we would appreciate what it offered.

We were really impressed by our first sight of the massive buildings. The architecture is creative, and We thought it made a fitting setting for moviemaking presentations. It occupies 300-thousand-square-feet in two buildings with six floors at Wilshire Boulevard and Fairfax Avenue in Los Angeles. We learned it was designed by Renzo Piano, a renowned Italian architect of the contemporary era. Hollywood benefactors contributed to the construction and renovations of the Museum. Touring the building provided my exercise for the day.


Exhibitions and Programs of The Academy Museum

On our visit we learned the Museum offers a variety of memorable exhibitions, screenings, workshops, movie artifacts, and programs throughout the year. Some of them are ongoing and others are available for only a short time. The three-floor exhibition “Stories of Cinema” is amazing. It’s a great review of filmmakers, their work, and impact on the industry. “Regeneration: Black Cinema 1898-1971” is an outstanding tribute to Black filmmakers from early beginnings to the civil rights movement.

We want to return to the Museum for Oscar Night for a festive, full-night salute to motion pictures. At an information desk, we found out the Museum offers a newsletter, memberships, podcasts, and YouTube presentations about Museum activities.

Enjoy Oscar Night

Let’s get ready for the Academy Awards. The Oscar Night event will be held on March 12 in the same place, the Dolby Theatre at the Hollywood & Highland Center, though the venue has since been renamed Ovation Hollywood.

Kimmel has been invited to host the Oscars for a third time. So far, little is known about the format of the ceremony or the order of play on the night, however the 2023 Oscars will be historic for sure.

I would like to thank the Academy Museum for my fantasy Oscar:

The theme park’s influence on museums.

 Severino Ricci tells us about his Oscar Experience: My Oscar was in sight. A producer instructed me where to stand. Before me and the statuette was a curtain as I awaited my cue to rush to the stage.

I was up. “Congratulations,” shouted an Academy Museum staffer playing the role of a producer as applause swelled from the audience before me on a screen. The lights brightened, and I momentarily squinted as I reached for the Academy Award. The crowd, a recording lifted from an Oscar telecast at the Dolby Theatre, seemed to only get louder as I took a breath before beginning my gracious words of acceptance.

Think of the Oscars Experience as a slick, high-tech version, in which cameras will film a moment with professional stage lighting that looks fit for prime time; that’s something to be shared on social media. The Oscar Experience is a way to promote the Oscars, and lighting and framing sure make the guest look and feel glamorous.

Academy Museum, Oscar Statuette

by Severino Ricci

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