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Cultural Nuances Of The U.S. & Italy
VIVI the California experience
VIVI the California experience

Stefano Esposito has managed to ride a wave of success outside of the ocean. 

A professional surfer has managed to ride a wave of success outside of the ocean. Here’s the story of Stefano Esposito, a successful entrepreneur and avid surfer, who has, through unwavering passion, hard work and perseverance, turned both his budding idea and dream into a reality. We had the honor of getting in touch with Stefano who generously has the following message to share with youngsters out there. 

The story of Stefano Esposito

I was born and raised in Anzio, a coastal and cultural town. Surfing has given me everything in my life. While I’m conscious that monetary returns are often the main goals driving a person’s actions, my genuine passion for the sports, and my desire to make my country proud are the key forces that motivate me to do what I’m doing today. My goal has always been to prove that I could do everything that I set my mind on and that includes, among other things, winning the US contests. 

Getting the necessary support in Italy was unfortunately harder than I expected. Left with no other options, I made the very difficult decision of leaving my home country when I was 21. It was definitely not a smooth sailing and there were many sacrifices that I had to make and immense efforts put in throughout the journey. 

I singlehandedly paid for all the expenses to get myself enrolled in the US Championships with the meagre wages I earned from working as a dishwasher at restaurants. My efforts have, finally, paid off. Today and against all odds, I’m an entrepreneur. I ‘m grateful for having the opportunity to make a name for myself and to also hopefully bring pride to my beloved country. 

I’ve always believed in fate and in my dreams. Thanks to surfing, I’ve traveled to different parts of the world and benefited greatly from a diverse range of fantastic experiences so far. Now more than a surfer I’m an athlete, an entrepreneur, a dad, and last but not the least a reference point for young Italian surfers. 

My key message to you? Believe in yourself and in your dreams. The road to success is never a rosy one. With drive, hard work, determination, and personal sacrifices, you’ll achieve great success.


Pro Surfer Stefano Esposito donates winning surfboard to California Surf Museum, Oceanside.

On Aug. 30, 2022 – Stefano Esposito, champion, and professional Italian surfer donated one of his winning boards to the California Surf Museum.
The surfboard has distinctive, beautiful artwork on the deck that was done by his girlfriend, partially covered with sponsor logo. The board is 5’9”x19-3/4”x2-1/2” with five fin boxes. 6 lbs.

“Having a hint of Italy at the California Surf Museum, was one of my goals and, as one of the Board Directors of the CSM I’m glad to have been part of this cool project” -Severino Ricci.

Born in Anzio, Italy, Stefano currently lives in San Clemente, California; he’s an Italian pride, legend, and, as a matter of fact, a youngsters’ reference point. Here are his most memorable results:


  • 1st Place WSA Championship Tour, Morro Bay, Category Open Men
  • 1st Place WSA Championship Tour, Morro Bay, Category Masters
  • 1st Place WSA Championship Tour, Avalanche Beach, San Diego Category Masters
  • 1st Place WSA Championship Tour, Trail 6 San Clemente, Category Masters
  • 2nd Places in various professionals Surf Contest and much more.


  • 1st Place CCSA Surf series Huntington Beach Overall Champion
  • 2nd Place WSA USA West Coast Championship Overall
  • 2nd Place USA Championship Overall Category Masters

World Surf Results

  • Italian National Team – ISA Panama Santa Catalina
  • Italian Runner Up
  • Gaeta Surf Master
  • Banzai Surf Open

Special Events

  • US Open OF Surfing Water Assistance
  • Surfercross
  • Volcom Tour
  • Sun Diego Proam
  • NSSA
  • WSA
  • Italian Surfing Federation
  • Italian Surfing Tour Runner Up
  • Multi Italian Contest wins

Stefano Esposito’s comment

The California Surf Museum is legendary! So many pieces of Surf Art and so much history. When I got this news I couldn’t believe it, still can’t. I always competed for the love and did it for me and prove everyone wrong that Italian could surf. This was well before Leonardo Fioravanti put us in the map. I guess no one did it before me. And now I get to have a corner in the museum rewarding all my achievements as Italian surfer competing in USA.

Thank you California Surf Museum, honored to be part of you and thank you Severino, founder of italy2california, for shining light on this guy.

– left to right: Stefano Esposito (Italian pro surfer), Jane Schmauss (CSM Founder), Camille Cacas (CSM Store Manager)

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  • Stefano you are a legend, a source of pride for Italy, and inspiring human being. I met you years ago with the Eco sun screen team. Let surfing continue to guide your life!

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